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motza is trialing a new Australian cashback program designed to reward Australian households with cashback on their everyday purchases, in store and online, so they can have more of the things they really want. We’re currently running a limited beta trial of motza in NSW only. 

motza beta trial

We’re currently running a small-scale trial in NSW only. It’s our way of fine tuning motza and getting feedback from members about their experience so we can provide the best possible cashback program to every Australian household. To be a part of our exclusive trial you must be a NSW resident over 18 years of age and have an iOS device.  The trial is limited to 2,000 members. Download motza on the App Store 

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Why motza?

We recognise that families across Australia are really feeling the pinch. With rising costs of living, many Australian households have run out of headroom. Motza is testing a product that aims to help ease some of that pressure by giving Australian households a simple (and fun!) way to ‘earn a little extra’ each month towards the things that really matter, whether it’s Friday night pizza, a family getaway or putting money aside for a rainy day.

Who we are

motza is owned and operated by Nationwide News Pty Ltd, a News Corp Australia company.

Our team is a passionate group of creators, problem solvers and business innovators driven to empower everyday Australians with the tools they need to take charge of their finances and live larger. 

Contact us at hello@motza.com.au to talk with one of our friendly team members.

For more about motza and how it works, visit our FAQs.

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motza beta is currently available to residents in NSW, who are over
18 years of age and have an iOS device.